Jo Ellen Fisher Allegedly Fleeced $1.5 Million from Dementia Victim

Cleveland Stockbroker Fraud AttorneyJo Ellen Fisher, of Gallipolis, Ohio, and formerly of Raymond James Financial Services (RJFS), swindled a 95-year-old West Virginia nursing home resident, Edward Martin, suffering from dementia, and RJFS is seeking s to recoup its losses of about $835,000 from Fisher, a FINRA Department of Enforcement complaint alleges. In July 2014, RJFS reportedly even went so far as to ask a federal court to freeze Fisher’s assets.

Jo Ellen Fisher Holds Penchant for Finer Things in Life; Allegedly Used Godparent Alibi

Jo Ellen Fisher and her husband, Andrew Fisher, must have had holes burning in their respective pockets, as they seemingly spent the cash as quickly as it came in. The FINRA complaint alleges that the couple bought a 2014 Ford Explorer truck valued at over $52,000, and further used the purloined funds to pay the Fisher family mortgage in full for approximately $45,000, while also making home renovations and repairs worth over $165,000. In order to obtain said funds, FINRA reports, Jo Ellen Fisher falsely claimed that Martin direct each of the unauthorized transfers from his trust the account of Fisher’s daughter, known only as AF, and that he did so because AF was Martin’s goddaughter. While giving testimony, Fisher also falsely claimed that the ”Godparent’s Certificate” confirmed that her daughter was the elderly client’s goddaughter. During FINRA’s investigation, the complaint reports, Fisher actually provided the “Godparent’s Certificate” to FINRA, but the document had never been signed by a Reverend known only as AM, and Fisher was cognizant that it had never been executed by Reverend AM’s church.

Investment Fraud Lawyers Investigating

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